Create multi-platform Apps in a cost effective way
App Development
Platform Migrations
We are incredibly single minded about helping our clients in efficient mobile App development, improve time to market and replatform successful mobile Apps to others platforms in a cost effective way.

Our service portfolio will help you implement your mobile applications' strategy in most cost efficient way, while improving your speed to market the new applications.

Our services include implementation of your App idea, migrating successful Apps from one mobile platform to another platform, App testing on the actual mobile hardware, and enhancements & maintenance.

Services that we offer:

With many mobile platform options available to chose, it is important to align your App strategy to the mobile hardware platform, App market, and pricing so that it can deliver better business results today and support more than one platform and app-markets in future. We can help you to think through these available choices and make qualified decisions.

Design & development
We can help you to implement your mobile App ideas using onshore and offshore model to deliver the cost efficiencies and speed. We will be your technology partner in designing, implementing and rollout of the Application.

With ever changing technology landscape and number of choices available, mobile market poses unique set of challenges. There are number of smart phone platforms and within each of these platforms there are myriad of hardware and software versions. Our services help you upgrade the applications to the latest version of the device OS and to migrate the applications from one mobile device platform to another

This is very crucial element of a mobile Application lifecycle, where itís important to test the application performance on the actual hardware. We provide services to test your Application's performance against given set of functional and non-functional specifications.

We use the combination of onsite based client facing team with offshore based development team to deliver speed, quality, customer intimacy and cost effectiveness. On time delivery and quality of deliverables is of utmost importance to us. As a joint team, we can help you to implement your mobile application strategy.

The Lonben team is comprised of experienced technical developers and managers who have for years have worked with leading outsourcing and technology firms.

Our offshore mobile Application development centre is based in Mumbai. This centre has necessary desktop and mobile phone hardware required to design, develop, migrate, test and rollout the applications on latest mobile devices including:
  • Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • Google Android
  • RIM Blackberry

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